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Poisoning apples
since 2023

Quick Facts

Indie games developers and publisher
Based in Melbourne and Syndey Australia

A family business
4-person team, that shares equally in the company and its responsibilities. Also, we are literally family

Team members
Jesse Manzo, Adam Cook ,
Kyan Reinhardt-Vice,
Karina Manzo

Founded 16th April 2023
Henceforth the slogan: "Poisoning apples since 2023"

Marketing and Press contact:

Debut Game:
Hues of the Void 2024


Developer Store pages:
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Grimm Bros is a family-run indie games development company and publisher from Melbourne and Sydney Australia. Our primary focus is to deliver fun and enjoyable games that can invoke feelings of excitement, sorrow and joy, just like the fairy tales we'd hear and read growing up. We want to bring out the wonderment we'd all feel as a child hearing a tale for the first time.

Games are such a unique, interactive medium for creativity and storytelling that help to unite and build communities from all walks of life. It's our Passion to build games and we endeavour to create ones that can achieve these goals of uniting players. Whether it's through direct multiplayer experience or comparing single-player achievements and strategies. If we have people talking and bonding over our creations, then that's a win for us.


Hues of the Void trailer - Youtube


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